My First Blog! My Thanks To You All

Thank you for reading my blog, 20 Things you need to do to get elected (20ThingsTGE). I would like this blog to be a place where I can share my campaign knowledge with you whether you are a candidate, a campaign manager or an activist that is trying to organize their community. Even if you are new to politics, I will try and breakdown news stories so it is more understandable than the complex and short amount of time devoted to some political topics on the news.

I invite you to submit questions to me about campaigning and let’s share experiences so others can learn and win. I wrote the book and started this blog because I noticed certain reasons why people did not win their race. I noticed things that differentiated campaigns to make one candidate be on top and what could make your campaign falter in a heartbeat. I noticed these things from working on campaigns since 2002. I mean things like, why you should have a vote by mail (absentee ballot) program or why you shouldn’t be to close to the media/press.

The one thing that really did stand out amongst all the campaigns I worked for or against was the 3 pillars of candidacy that I mention in my book. Those 3 pillars are money, endorsements and name recognition. Those are the 3 things I feel are quintessential to having a near perfect chance of victory. I have seen candidates enter the race with no money, but at the end of the election they are leading in donations.

How did that happen? They leveraged the other 2 pillars they had or they used 1 pillar to attain them all (see the 3 Pillars of Candidacy Flowchart). I fully explain this in the book and the flowchart itself should be self-explanatory. But if you have a question, please ask. You may submit questions to me at or thru the Facebook or Twitter accounts. Before Steve Harvey made the phrase popular, I was always telling people “I’m here to help.” That is why I wrote the book and that is why I am writing this blog.

Check back every month, even sooner as election season gears up, and I will comment and share my thoughts on national news or local stories affecting campaigns and politics. Full disclosure, I am a democrat but I will not slant or skew facts. I want you to know that when you hear my opinions but also know that I deal in logic and truth. When it comes to politics, I believe in doing the right thing for the people all the time. That is not a democrat or republican ideal either.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading.

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